Head of The Dance Program at Baldwin Wallace UNIVERSITY



The choreography, which is well-performed staged movement, is nicely designed by Gregory Daniels.

Roy Berko - BroadwayWorld.com/Cleveland

…and join in on Gregory Daniel’s graceful choreography

Bob Abelman - Cleveland Jewish News

Here, Brown does a poignant interpretive dance by choreographer Gregory Daniels

Kerry Clawson – Akron Beacon Journal


…dynamic choreography by Greg Daniels

Roy Berko - BroadwayWorld.com/Cleveland

A constant stream of dance moves arranged by choreographer Gregory Daniels added greatly to the show and completed the 1960s recreation.

Laura Kennelly - coolcleveland.com

They do so while performing Gregory Daniels’ choreography that cleverly incorporates the dance crazes – the Swim, the Mashed Potato, the Twist, the Frug, the Pony – and highly synchronized backup group movement of the era

Bob Abelman - Cleveland Jewish News


…which are set to era-specific synchronized dance moves courtesy of choreographer Gregory Daniels

Bob Abelman - Cleveland Jewish News

The numbers are delightfully choreographed by Gregory Daniels (especially one where plungers become mic stands).

Laura Kennelly - coolcleveland.com


There's an especially good, loose-limbed drunkard's dance in "With a Little Bit of Luck," choreographed by Gregory Daniels

Andrea Simakis - Cleveland Plain Dealer

Choreographer Gregory Daniels created visually pleasing and appropriate dance numbers that were well-executed

Roy Berko - BroadwayWorld.com/Cleveland

…gorgeous choreographyprovided by Gregory Daniels

Bob Abelman - Cleveland Jewish News

Gregory Daniels is responsible for the great dance scenes in this production. He choreographed the rowdy dances of Alfred P. Doolittle and the other people hanging out in Covent Garden and the elegant waltzes of the Embassy Ball. Daniels' attention to detail sets his choreography apart from most of the musical theater dances we see on Ohio stages

David Ritchey – Talkin’ Broadway

…augmented by energetic dance numbers choreographed by Gregory Daniels, are little gems

Christine Howey - Rave and Pan

…helped by Gregory Daniels’ delightfully fun and energetic dance numbers

Dana Oland – Idaho Statesman


Greg Daniels’ choreography had an appropriate Latino flavor and fit the mood and tone of the music. “Carnaval del Barrio” was a dynamic production number

Roy Berko - BroadwayWorld.com/Cleveland

…and those of hip-hop/merengue choreographer Gregory Daniels, drive this music-centric show and are the sources of its much needed Latin soul

Bob Abelman - Cleveland Jewish News

…creative choreography by Gregory Daniels

Shirley McFarland – special to Cleveland.com

An important element in this production’s success is Gregory Daniels’ irresistible choreography, made even more appealing since it is executed with laser-like precision by the talented ensemble

Christine Howey - Rave and Pan

pops with hot salsa and hip-hop choreography by Gregory Daniels

Kerry Clawson – Akron Beacon Journal


…excellent choreography by Gregory Daniels. His concept for “Come Spirit, Come Charm” is magical

Roy Berko - BroadwayWorld.com/Cleveland

A playful scene between the cousins, enlivened by movement inspired by classical Indian dance from choreographer Gregory Daniels, and performed by Mary, "Fakir" and "Ayah," phantoms from her past in India, also help lighten the mood

Andrea Simakis - Cleveland Plain Dealer

…flashbacks of grand ballroom dances that are beautifully choreographed by Gregory Daniels

Bob Abelman - Cleveland Jewish News


Gregory Daniels’ choreography is as simple as it is graceful

Mark Meszoros – The News-Herald


Gregory Daniels, has once again (I had the opportunity to see Mr. Daniels' recent work in Carrie at the Beck Center) brilliantly choreographed the movement of the actors.  Mr Daniels attention to every detailed hand movement and symbolic arm extension is amazing and did not go un-noticed
Vivian Luther - inthelandofcleve.blogspot.com


Choreographer Gregory Daniels has captured the explosive, pelvic-centered chemical reaction of adolescence, what Bussert has aptly called "teenage angst hip hop."  Dancers move with staccato, barely controlled violence...
Andrea Simakis - Cleveland Plain Dealer

Gregory Daniels never lets the cast of the (dancing) hook, making movement a significant, powerful motif and the ensemble dancing at least as good (maybe better) as anything I have seen on Broadway
Laura Kennelly - coolcleveland.com

The dancing was outstanding.  Gregory Daniels used gymnastic, modern and contemporary movements to create a whiting dervish of compelling sights
Roy Berko - BroadwayWorld.com/Cleveland

The choreography is spirited and lively with perfect synchronization
Mark Horning - Cleveland Fine Arts Examiner

The performers storm the stage with raw energy, exposed abs and raging hormones, champing at the bit to kick-start Gregory Daniels' overtly expressive, teen-angst-driven choreography and give voice to the abusive mean-girl and self-absorbed popular-boy stereotypes that populate the play
Bob Abelman - Cleveland Jewish News

The hip-hop flavored choreography by Gregory Daniels keeps the proceedings befitting current and trendy
Howard Gallop - The Gazette

Gregory Daniels' whose aggressive, vigorous choreography gives the show its unstoppable perpetual motion
Rich Stimac - He Viewed

The choreography by Gregory Daniels is so excellent that as an audience member you will think you are watching a Broadway show.  The dance numbers are crisp and energetic.  Daniels did such a wonderful job coaching this cast to reach absolute professional levels in this production that we can't say enough about the dance numbers
Vivian Luther - She Viewed

The locale primarily takes place in a high school gymnasium where hate, jealousy, raging hormones and bullying are some of the emotions portrayed in remarkably choreographed numbers
Marianne Luther - Senior Viewed


Gregory Daniels' muscular and often sensuous choreography requires some serious elbowroom...and a human carousel that earns it's own applause even before the prologue is complete
Christine Howey - Rave and Pan

There is a beautiful choreographed synchronicity to all the numbers as well as dynamic foot stomping that is done in perfect unison )not an easy feat with a cast this large)

Mark Horning - Cleveland Fine Arts Examiner


Highlight numbers included Dance With Meand Searchin', which were peppered with cute shticks,
On Broadway, which had clever and enthusiastic choreography, Saved, which showcased unbridled enthusiasm, the smile-inducing Charlie Brown, and I Am Woman
Roy Berko - Cleveland.broadwayworld.com

More importantly, they gel as a collective group, performing Gregory Daniels' creative and song specific choreography with incredible precision and energy, selling each musical number as if their lives depended on it
Bob Abelman - The News-Herald

Choreographer Gregory Daniels provides countless imaginative moves and dance steps for his troupe
Christine Howey - Rave and Pan

To show off these classics, choreographer Gregory Daniels provided just the right tough with a varies (and often fast paced) series of dances tailored to show off the attractive cast
Laura Kennelly - coolcleveland.com

Gregory Daniels' dynamic choreography
Fran Heller - Cleveland Jewish News


Gregory Daniels' inventive choreography sparkles in "Who's That Woman?" a rousing company tap number performed with mirrors

dazzling hoofing choreographed by Daniels
Fran Heller - Cleveland Jewish News

Baldwin Wallace University's "Follies" is a cut above the rest

While each song is a showstopper in its own right, there were some that simply blew the roof of the joint.  Among these were Bolero d'Amour danced by Gregory Daniels and Sara Whale, Loveland by the ensemble and The Story of Lucy and Jesse sung by Ciara Renee with an exceptional dance troupe of men

Mark Horning - Cleveland Fine Arts Examiner


Choreogrpaher Gregory Daniels created effective visual support for the gorgeous cast
Laura Kennelly - coolcleveland.com


Thanks to director Victoria Bussert and choreographer Gregory Daniels, the steamy nature of the content is smoothed by an energetic young cast and many staging flourishes demonstrating inventiveness and rough elegance 
Christine Howey - Cleveland Scene

The choreography by Gregory Daniels is explosive and raw
Rodney L. Bengston - Sun News

...and choreographer, Gregory Daniels, masterfully takes advantage of the intimate Beck Center space, giving the audience an experience that you just can't get with a Broadway tour.  Luckily for Cleveland audiences however, the talent on the stage is that of the same caliber
Lauren Fraley - The Lakewood Observer

Gregory Daniels truly captures the essence of adolescent vigor in his choreography
Kate Miller - Cleveland Performing Arts Examiner

...a song in which the rest of the boys move in unison like automatons in Gregory Daniels' startling choreography
Fran Heller - Cleveland Jewish News

The Bitch of Living and Totally F***ed bring down the house
KORY - Q104

Heartbreaking Collision, Heart Lifting Dance in Spring Awakening
Laura Kennelly - coolcleveland.com

Gregory Daniels' choreography...all make SPRING AWAKENING a special evening of theatre
Roy Berko - Royberko.info

Choreographer Gregory Daniels reworks all that was inventive in the show's original staging and creates movement just as potent and equally reflective of the rapid pule of impetuous youth
Bob Abelman - News-Herald

...move with a fluidity that features no lost motion, but still feels like Fosse on methamphetamines
Chuck Yarborough - The Plain Dealer


The same can be said for Gregory Daniels' naughty choreography, where dance steps subtly transform into goose-steps, and chairs, while in possession of the half-naked and highly flexible Kit Kat Klub girls, become so much more serviceable than their intended function
Bob Abelman - News-Herald.com

...in the raunchy number "Mein Herr," a song-and dance ode to promiscuity and prostitution, and performed with chairs in Gregory Daniels' erotic choreography
Fran Heller - Cleveland Jewish News


Gregory Daniels' inventive choreography is as electric as the singing
Fran Heller - The Jewish News

Dreamgirls brings exceptional choreography
Gregory Daniels' unflagging, superlative choreography, even the simplest of which is infused with a fluid, confident style
Marjorie Preston - Sun News


...and choreographed by Gregory Daniels, the production is a whirlwind of gaudy and tender images
Donald Rosenberg - The Plain Dealer


Flat Rock's 'My Own Song' powerful and moving
Tim Reid - Citizen Times

'My Own Song' brings audience to its feet

'My Own Song' wows Playhouse
Denise Ward - Times-News


"The Rocky Horror Show" was a singularly enjoyable experience and made it clear why it has become the cultural phenomenon it is today.

...enlivened every musical number with thier spectacular choreography and perfectly synchronized pelvic thrusts.
Annie Zhang - The Dartmouth Arts & Entertainment


One of the Riversides most cleverly staged numbers ever comes in the second act, when the cast turns itself and four chairs into a car to perform "On The Highway Of Love"
Gwen Shrift - Bucks County Courier Times


If you live in NH/VT - go see the NEW LONDON BARN PLAYHOUSE's "The Producers." I haven't laughed that hard in a while.
Jodi Picoult - author of My Sister's Keeper 


‘Anything Goes is a boatload of fun.  Feeling Blue?  Check out ‘Heaven Hop’ and ‘Buddy, Beware’ numbers and feel instantly better.  Gregory Daniels’ exhilarating choreography is expertly danced by the ensemble. 
Everett Evans – Houston Chronicle


Gregory Daniels’ choreography respectfully nodded toward period style, adding a Bob Fosse twist.

Nancy Galeota-Wozny – ArtsHouston Magazine


…Gregory Daniels’ stylish choreography.
Howard Shapiro – Philadelphia Inquirer

…impressive choreography.

...the phenomenal song and dance numbers, masterfully choreographed by Gregory Daniels.
Christina Perryman – CountyPressOnline

Choreographer Gregory Daniels keeps all of them gliding in period shuffle, struts and waltzes perfectly suited to the syncopated score.  
Tom Butler – The News Journal

The waiters in their dazzling uniforms choreographed with brilliant elegance and unflagging pizzazz.

Richard Holdsworth – Dept of State: Division of the Arts

Choreographer Gregory Daniels, who put together the scene inside the Harmonia Gardens Restaurant of the high-flying “waiters gallop”, has moves that have to be seen.


A well-done ‘Spitfire Grill’ in Bristol….deftly choreographed.  
Gwen Shrift – Courier Times